Shih Tzu Chihuahua Mix (ShiChi)
Information Guide

There are hundreds of different dog breeds out there, not to mention all the different hybrids that have been gaining popularity of late.

You may be familiar with some of the most popular designer dogs like the Goldendoodle and the Labradoodle.

But have you heard about one of the newest toy breed hybrids, the Shih Tzu Chihuahua mix?

The ShiChi is not the right choice for everyone – take the time to learn about its temperament, personality, and requirements to see whether this might be the right dog for you.

ShiChi Short Bio

Very Cute toy/designer dog. They are tiny dogs with a lot of personality.
Good with pets and children (extra care needed) they make a great family pet.
Shi-Chi puppy price range: 300$-1000$


  • Upbeat & Playful
  • Faithful

Physique & Health

  • Weight: 8 to 16 pounds
  • Lifespan: 10-20 years.
  • Good Health.

Best For

  • Families & Singles.
  • Small Apartments.

Basic Shih Tzu Chihuahua Mix Information

You don’t have to know much about this breed to have a basic understand of what a ShiChi is – it’s all right there in the name.

This breed is a mix of a Shih Tzu and a Chihuahua, two of the most popular toy breeds.

Both of these breeds are companion breeds which means that they don’t have any particular skills for hunting or other dog sports, but they do have a friendly and loving temperament which makes them a great choice for a family pet.

You’ll have to keep in mind, however, that mixed breeds inherit more than just their physical traits from both parents – they also inherit personality traits from both, so you never really know what you’re going to get.

Shi-Chi Size & Weight

When they are first learning about the breed, people often ask questions like how big will a Shih Tzu Chihuahua mix get?
This question is a little bit difficult to answer because you are not talking about a pure breed that has a set standard.

Hybrid dogs are a cross between two (or more) breeds and genetics plays a major role in determining the dog’s size as well as his other characteristics so you can’t always make an accurate prediction.

Because both the Chihuahua and the Shih Tzu are very small dogs, however, you can expect your Chi-Tzu mix full grown to be about 8 to 16 pounds. The only way to really know the maximum Chihuahua Shih Tzu mix size, however, is to wait for him to grow up.

Shi-Chi Lifespan & Health

Although they may suffer for some health problems, the ShiChi is generally known as healthy breed. 

Small-breed dogs like the Chihuahua and the Shih Tzu tend to have fairly long lifespans – much longer than large-breed dogs.

For the Shih Tzu, the average lifespan is anywhere from 10 to 18 years while, for the Chihuahua, it is 12 to 20.

This means that the Shih Tzu Chihuahua mix lifespan will be somewhere along the spectrum between 10 and 20 years.

Shi-Chi Cost

about is the average Shih Tzu Chihuahua price. A purebred Shih Tzu puppy usually costs between $500 and $1,000 while a purebred Chihuahua puppy ranges from $500 to $1,200, depending on breeding. You can expect a Chihuahua Shih Tzu mix puppy to fall somewhere along 300$ - 1000$.

Of course that this is only the initial buying cost, you also need to know that there are other costs when getting a new dog, such as food, toys, vet, etc.

Personality and Temperament

Now that you have a better understanding of some basic Chihuahua Shih Tzu mix information, you might be wondering about some of the specifics.

What kind of personality and temperament does this breed usually have, and how do they act around other dogs, kids, and unfamiliar people?

Though you can’t make any exact predictions about mixed breed dogs, you can expect the ShiChi mix temperament to be upbeat and playful.

This breed has low needs for exercise, 20 minutes can be enough, but they are always willing to play and they love to spend time with their family.

The ShiChi is a very people-oriented breed and they make faithful companions.

Shi-Chi Personality

Because it is a mixed breed, you can’t be sure which personality traits your dog will inherit from each parent.

Chihuahuas tend to be sassy little dogs and they can be very demanding when it comes to their needs for attention – some dogs of this breed become very high-strung and they have a high risk for developing problem behaviors.

Shih Tzus, on the other hand, tend to be a little mischievous but their playfulness is always good natured and they do well when they are given enough personal attention.

Both of these breeds can develop a stubborn streak, but early socialization and training should prevent such problems.

Children & Socializing

When it comes to your Shih Tzu Chihuahua mix and his interactions with children, strangers, and other animals, you never really know what to expect.

Chihuahuas are not a good choice for children because they are so small and fragile – they also don’t have patience for rough handling.

Shih Tzus are a little better with children, but they too need to be handled with care.

If you have children and you plan to get a Shih Tzu Chihuahua mix, make sure you train and socialize him from an early age to ensure that he gets along well with your children.

This breed may or may not get along with dogs – Shih Tzus tend to be very dog-friendly while Chihuahuas sometimes aren’t.

Again, early socialization and training is important to ensure that your dog gets along with children, strangers, dogs, and household pets.

Watch Those Cute ShiChi Puppies

Training Tips for a Shih Tzu Chihuahua

Toy and small-breed dogs are notoriously difficult to train, especially when it comes to housebreaking them.

Little dogs often have big personalities and they don’t like being told what to do.

Both the Shih Tzu and the Chihuahua are very intelligent breeds, however, so they have the capacity to learn quickly – you just have to motivate them properly and keep your training sessions short enough that they don’t become bored.

Training your Shih Tzu Chihuahua mix will require that you maintain a firm and consistent position of leadership.

You shouldn’t enforce your dominance and force your dog to become submissive, but you should set firm house rules and stick to them.

When it comes to training your ShiChi, you’ll want to start from an early age.

Not only should you start obedience training as soon as possible, but you should begin enforcing house rules from day one.
For example, if you don’t want your dog to spend every night in bed with you, don’t let him on the bed even as a puppy.

When you are ready to start training, choose one family member to do most of it so that you can keep your training sessions consistent – this is the key to fast training for dogs like the Shih Tzu Chihuahua.

Make sure to pick simple, recognizable commands and always use the same ones.

When your dog responds appropriately to the command, be generous with praise and motivate him with food rewards. Even after your dog has mastered the basic commands, you’ll want to keep reinforcing them throughout his life.

Feeding Your ShiChi

Aside from training and socialization, perhaps your most important responsibility as a dog owner is to provide your dog with a healthy diet.

The Shih Tzu Chihuahua is a toy breed, so your job of finding a high-quality dog food will actually be fairly simple – just start with a reputable brand and choose a recipe formulates for small or toy breeds.

While your small dog may not require as many calories each day as a much larger dog, you might be surprised to learn that small dogs actually need more calories per pound of bodyweight.

For example, a 100-pound Mastiff might need 2,000 to 3,000 calories per day, depending on his activity level, a 10-pound Shih Tzu Chihuahua mix might only need 300 to 400 calories per day.

If you do the math, however, you’ll find that the Mastiff needs just 25 calories per pound of bodyweight, on average, and your Shih Tzu Chihuahua mix needs closer to 35 calories per pound.

Why is it that small-breed dogs like the Shih Tzu Chihuahua need more calories per pound?
It is mainly because they have very fast metabolisms.

Your small-breed dog will burn through calories very quickly, so not only does he need a nutrient-rich and calorie-dense diet, but he needs to be fed more often than a larger dog.

Feeding Schedule

You should plan to feed your ShiChi three or four small meals throughout the day, following the feeding recommendations on the package according to his weight and activity level.

Small-breed dog foods are rich in protein to support your dog’s lean muscle mass and they tend to be higher in fat than large-breed formulas to account for your dog’s higher energy needs.

Keep track of your dog’s weight and make adjustments to his daily feeding if he starts to lose weight or if he gains too much weight. You can also talk to your vet for feeding recommendations.

Grooming a Shih Tzu

The Shih Tzu Chihuahua is a very small dog, so you might expect grooming to be pretty easy.

You have to consider, however, that the breed’s Shih Tzu genes may give your Shih Tzu Chihuahua a long, curly coat that could require a significant amount of grooming.

Most Chihuahuas have very short coats and they shed minimally, but there is a long-coat version of the breed.

If you end up with a long haired Chihuahua and Shih Tzu mix, you might have to do a little more coat maintenance than you would for a Shih Tzu short haired Chihuahua mix.

Either way, plan to brush or comb your dog’s coat several times a week and clip it as needed to keep it from getting difficult to manage.

In fact, you may even want to take your dog to a professional groomer every 4 to 6 weeks to have them clip your dog’s coat, making your job even easier at home.

Shi-Chi a Tiny Dog Who Has a Lot to Give

If you are looking for a friendly, playful companion who is adaptable to apartment or condo life, the Shih Tzu Chihuahua mix might just be the right choice for you.

This breed exhibits the best traits of the Shih Tzu and Chihuahua breeds, though you never really know what you are going to get with a mixed breed dog.

But that’s the fun of it – it will be a surprise! a good one for sure!